Diamonds Partner up with Skaters Edge

The Kingston Diamonds are really pleased to have partnered up with Skaters Edge Ltd. as they have chosen to sponsor 3 'Spirit of the Game' awards for 1 Premier and 2 Elite fixtures. 


Skaters Edge Ltd. run out of Hull Arena and they have an excellent range of ice skates, ice hockey equipment, and figure skating equipment, as well as offering skate sharpening and heat molding services, all at very reasonable prices; they really provide the whole package. 

At the Diamonds we are keen to build our relationship with the shop, now under new management, as it is ideal for all of our players in this area and we would encourage anyone in Hull to support them and make the most of the services they offer.


Skaters Edge will be sponsoring the 'Spirit of the Game' awards for Premier vs Nottingham (18.03.18), Elite vs Solihull (28.04.18) and Elite vs Sheffield (12.05.18). This leaves us with just 5 games remaining in order to fill our sponsor grid; anyone interested in sponsoring the Diamonds should head to our 'Sponsors' page and get in touch via the contact page.