As part of trying to keep the sport of ice hockey accessible to as many people as possible we always try to refrain from increasing subs. As such we often require extra fundraising and we do this in a variety of ways, from car-boot sales to raffles at games and sponsored runs. We also have lots of sponsorship options so that individuals and businesses can help us out independently (please see the 'Sponsorship' page for more information).

For more information and links to our various fundraising drives, please see below.

Easy Fundraising

We have set up an EasyFundraising page so that everyone can help raise money for the club. To join simply go to and set up an account, to choose us as your cause search 'Kingston Diamonds Ladies Ice Hockey Club'. Now, every time you shop online through the Easyfundraising website or the mobile app, the retailers you are buying from will make a donation to the club. It is really easy to use and it costs you nothing!

Hull 10K - Just Giving

Premier player, Dawn Dickinson, and coach, Mike Soper, ran the Hull 10K in June and set up a JustGiving page to raise some money for the Diamonds in the process. They managed to raise approx. £300 (JustGiving and cash donations combined) which helped cover the cost of two 1-hour on-ice training sessions for the club. 

A big thanks to Dawn and Mike for their efforts, and to everyone who donated to the cause!

Raffles and 'Car-Boots'

We are running raffles at most home games during the season to raise some extra money to help cover game costs. We sell tickets at £1 for a strip of 5 tickets and have been raising in the region of £35-£50 each game. At the moment prizes are generally chocolate and stuffed toys but if you would like to donate any different raffle prizes please get in touch via the contact page or see us at a game or training to discuss this.


We also have plans to attend several car-boot sales over the year to bump up the funds, the first car-boot that Reagan and Lois attended raised £65 for the club, which is a great start!

Thank you to the girls for giving up their Sunday to help the club (and donating lots of their things to sell) and to everyone who made donations to be sold. 

We hope to gather some more donations and attend another car-boot in the future (perhaps when it's a bit warmer!)